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80 tails telling 80 tales of a healthy ocean in Aotearoa’s largest public art trail of 2022.


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Whale Tales Art Trail, Auckland 2022

Two years ago we had an idea that would, we hoped, inspire people to protect and restore our greatest resource – our Moana, our Ocean. A way that’s both unique and, pardon the pun, would make a BIG splash. We dreamed of Whale Tales.

 Now that it’s a reality, we realised we could never have imagined the magnificence of each and every Tail or the heart and soul each artist put into their creations to bring them to life. We could never have imagined the generosity of our sponsors who have gone above and beyond to make the trail an unforgettable experience. We could not have imagined the creative brilliance of the tamariki (children) behind our Pēpi Tails. And we definitely could not have imagined how many people would love Whale Tales as much as we do. For 12 weeks, we have loved watching everyone immersing themselves among the trail, interacting with each magnificent Tail, and becoming inspired to help protect and restore our marine environment. This inspiration will live on in each and every Tail and in every single one of you. The proceeds of the auction will go to help improve the home of the Bryde’s Whale. Your commitment to this art trail contributes to a future for our ocean, the Hauraki Gulf, and the taonga species who call it home.

Thank you for being aboard this journey with WWF-New Zealand and for helping us build a future where we will all live in harmony with nature.

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Whale Tales 2022 Art Trail