Cora-allan Wickliffe

Cora-Allan Wickliffe is a visual artist and traditional maker. After being encouraged by her Niuean grandparents to make hiapo – Niuean barkcloth painting – she has mobilised generations of Niueans to connect with and experience a previously dormant artform. Using purist hiapo-making methods she is placing the artform back into the community, highlighting the noticeably botanical forms of Niuean hiapo.
As an AUT graduate with a Masters in Visual Art and Design and a background as a technician and curator, Cora–Allan’s deeply considered practice has caught the attention of major galleries, museums and collectors. Despite this, her work remains firmly rooted in community, and she fluidly moves between institutional and community spaces. Her confident artistic voice translates to a strong presentation of work, and she is already gaining significant momentum in Aotearoa and abroad.


Whale Tales 2022 Art Trail