Sherrill Bentley

Art is Sherrill’s passion. She works from her home studio in Onehunga, Auckland, where she has been painting with enthusiasm for about 20 years. She likes to paint the places that make her feel good, and tries to capture the feelings and atmosphere of being there. Her favourite scenes are flower gardens, and wide open beaches. She is inspired by beautiful vistas and the energy of the outdoors. Native birds are often included in her works because she loves birds and they represent freedom. Sherrill loves vibrant colours and enjoys seeing them come to life on the canvas. Currently Sherrill is exploring her heritage and is fascinated with Māori legends and spirituality. Her new work incorporates these designs and themes. Recently her art has included outdoor murals for Chorus and Vector. She is enjoying this new challenge and taking part in community projects while having her work in a public space, interacting with the public.



Whale Tales 2022 Art Trail