Flukes of Steel

The Details

Name - Flukes of Steel

Location - Sky Tower

Created By - Wētā Workshop

Sponsor - Sky City

Design Inspiration

As we often do with public sculpture or public-facing design challenge, we began with a group creative brainstorm to work out our interpretation of the brief, and how we could interpret it in a uniquely ‘Wētā Workshop’ way.
It was important to us that the design expressed the need to protect and take care of these beautiful creatures. We realised one of our specialities is creating intricate, fantastical armour design and fabrication to protect film characters. Armour projects strength, invulnerability and confidence, all characteristics that are only enhanced by the organic beauty of a whale’s fluke. Designing armour to fit a very different form than we usually design for was a fun creative challenge, as was working out how the effect could be realised.

Whale Tales 2022 Art Trail