Forward Flow

The Details

Name - Forward Flow

Location - Highbury Corner

Created By - Tiger Willis

Sponsor - Birkenhead Business Association

Design Inspiration

The Opanuku and Parekura streams inspired and are celebrated in this design. The feathers allude to the story for which these streams are named: Nihotupu’s capture of Parekura and the trail of feathers she leaves for her husband Panuku to follow and find her. Within the depicted stream are native longfin eels, Cran’s bullies, freshwater limpets, and banded kokopu, whose survival depends on healthy streams. Spiralling around the Tail are the Waitakere Ranges and a sky depicting the passage of time, illustrating that long-term commitment to existing in harmony with nature is crucial in enabling our environment to thrive.

Whale Tales 2022 Art Trail