From the Tiny to the Mighty

The Details

Name - From the Tiny to the Mighty

Location - Auckland War Memorial Museum

Created By - Bhakti Patel and Annika Andresen

Sponsor - Auckland War Memorial Museum

Design Inspiration

Our whale Tail is an appreciation and celebration of plankton. Providing the oxygen of every second breath we take, plankton are vital for the planet’s health and provide an essential food source for our ocean’s wildlife. Phytoplankton are microscopic plants that form the base of the ocean’s food chain by providing food for zooplankton – the animals of the planktos. Collectively known as plankton, we want to showcase the beauty of plankton’s diversity and alien-like forms. Because plankton are imperative to marine ecosystems – including as food for Bryde’s whales and other baleen whales – we hope to protect the Tiny to the Mighty.

Whale Tales 2022 Art Trail