Kete Aronui

The Details

Name - Kete Aronui

Location - Westhaven Pier Walkway

Created By - Kāhu Gill, Ngāti Kahungunu

Sponsor - Trow Group and Ministry for the Environment

Design Inspiration

A striking metallic white on black design imbued with symbology and myth. Tāne-te-Wairoa scaled the heavens to retrieve the three baskets on knowledge. Kete Aronui is the basket of ancestral wisdom, ritual and the mahi-toi that sustains all that lives. The kete is represented in the repeating raranga patterns forming Rangitoto at the back. Within is Tāne, standing strong with the offspring of Tāwhiri Mātea (koru) protecting him. Tāne reaches up to the pare Kawakawa, a powerful emblem of ritual, rongoā/healing, birth and death. The koru begins the cycle again.

Whale Tales 2022 Art Trail