Sentient Beings of the Sea

The Details

Name - Sentient Beings of the Sea

Location - Holy Trinity Cathedral

Created By - Anna Leyland

Sponsor - Parnell Business Association

Design Inspiration

Something sentient is able to feel things, or sense them… Sentient comes from the Latin sentient, “feeling”, and it describes things that are alive, able to feel and perceive, and show awareness or responsiveness. Having senses makes something sentient, or able to smell, communicate, touch, see, or hear. In my design, the many shades of gold are associated with illumination, love, compassion and courage. The triangles, a recurring symbol across all of my works, also represent courage and direction and are a prominent symbol used in Fijian tapa (simplified shark teeth) representing protection, guidance and strength. “Whales and dolphins are ancient and wonderful sapient and sentient beings. How would we be judged by our great-great-grandchildren and all unborn generations if, knowing what we do, we do not fight to prevent their extinction? The whales and dolphins need and deserve our help – now, before it is too late.’”Jane Goodall (2011)

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