Shadows and Reflections

The Details

Name - Shadows and Reflections

Location - Grey Lynn Community Centre

Created By - Hanna Petrick

Sponsor - Fisheries New Zealand | Tini a Tangaroa

Design Inspiration

The design for ‘Shadows and Reflections’ arose from my compositional imagining of the undersea expanse and in particular, depth perception and the behaviour of sunlight within that environment. I wanted to explore a type of space that is so near to us here in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland, yet one that we do not inhabit and experience in the way that sea creatures such as Tīkapa Moana’s Bryde’s whale do. Shoals of fish became a prominent feature for me in the development of this design, inspired by the feeding habit of whales and the way that the scattering of light plays an important part in the survival tactics of schooling fish, aiding in confusion and deception.

Whale Tales 2022 Art Trail