The Guardian

The Details

Name - The Guardian

Location - Freyberg Square

Created By - Fa'amele Etuale

Sponsor - Heart of the City

Design Inspiration

The question I asked myself is, how can I depict the importance of the whale in one design? The answer was simple: they are like guardians of the sea, their presence in the ocean is unparalleled by any other mammals and that is why I wanted to include the seabed in my design. I also included turtles, fish, jellyfish and starfish which are very symbolic in my Samoan culture and are very significant in a lot of the work I do and continue to connect me to the sea. Why yellow? I want to capture the attention of the audience and draw them into the piece; when they see the colour yellow it will draw them to wherever the Tail will be placed. Curiosity and questions will bring them to the whale Tail. Yellow is also an iconic colour in my practice and I am not afraid to use it to support this message that is so important: to protect, and to keep them safe.

Whale Tales 2022 Art Trail