Treasures of Nature

The Details

Name - Treasures of Nature

Location - Auckland Zoo

Created By - Nancy Tschetner

Sponsor - Auckland Unlimited

Design Inspiration

This design is based around the lush and beautiful scenery of native New Zealand. I have used mostly recycled, crushed glass and the natural and pure shades of New Zealand sand, to re-create all the natural beauty. One sand crystal alone is often insignificant but when joined with others, can create a much larger dynamic image. I liken this to what people can achieve when they come together, the strength that can be created and the visions that can be achieved. This process also represents the small things we all can and need to do, to protect our planet and all species living within for future generations. With my artwork, I like to remind people about the importance of our valuable relationship to Mother Nature and our roots; it is this connection that enriches our lives. The design includes different native New Zealand plants; two of our endangered birds, the kōkako (front) and the mōhua (back); and of course our well-known buzzy bee, to add a Kiwiana touch.

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