Whale Years 2021

The Details

Name - Whale Years 2021

Location - HSBC Building, Quay Street

Created By - Gregory O'Brien

Sponsor - Buddle Findlay

Design Inspiration

WHALE YEARS 2021 brings together elements from my drawings and paintings–many involving whales–made after a voyage to the Kermadec Islands in 2011. Cetaceans began appearing in my paintings shortly after that excursion, which included two nights spent on Raoul Island. However it was not until September 2015 that I sighted an actual whale–a great many of them, in fact–seen from the island of Niue where I was visiting my friend John Pule. In my book, ALWAYS SONG IN THE WATER, I have written about the incredibly complex capacity whales have to navigate and to communicate with one another. This work, I hope,suggests some of the patterns of mapping and sounding which these brilliant creatures are capable of.

Whale Tales 2022 Art Trail