How healthy is our ocean? Sustainability Webinar


Event Location: Online webinar


Event Time: 9am

Event Date: 03/03/2022

Event Price: This Event has passed. You can access the link to the recording here:


We depend on our oceans for every second breath. They keep us alive, yet are we doing the same for them?

Join us for a webinar that focuses on the health of our Hauraki Gulf. 

For the first sustainability seminar of 2022 (and in theme with the Auckland-wide Whales Tales event, we want to dive straight into a conversation close to home. The health of our oceans, specifically the Hauraki Gulf

Rachael Foard, Marine Business Delivery Manager of Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari will discuss what they are doing in the Gulf to provide vital research data for DOC and marine mammal scientists around the world. Rachael is passionate about sharing the beauty and wonder of the ocean and marine life with people, realising it’s an incredible place many people have not fully experienced. Rachael brings a personal interest in what lives under the waves as well as what we see on the surface from being a diver.

Annika Andresen and Bhakti Patel whose Whale Tail sits pretty at Auckland Museum currently as a part of Whale Tails 2022 for WWF have the same goal and passion, that being, to take every New Zealander to our ocean, to fall in love with it, and to fight for its survival. Using the beauty of plankton’s diversity and alien-like forms in their Whale Tails Art, they want to raise the awareness of how human impacts from climate change and pollution affect plankton.


This Event has passed. You can access the link to the recording here:

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