Auckland Botanic Gardens

What does the tail of a whale have to do with plants in Auckland Botanic Gardens? The simple answer is that all things are connected. Our actions on the land directly impact our beautiful, big, blue back yard as it is all part of one circulating system. What we do on land, what we plant and where we plant, has a direct impact on the waterways that lead to headlands that flow into the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park/Tīkapa Moana – New Zealand’s only national park of the sea.  It is our place to love and respect and a place where unique whale species, like the rare Bryde’s whale (pronounced Brooders), call home – one of only three places in the world.

Auckland Botanic Gardens has partnered with the Department of Conservation (DOC) to be part of the ‘Whale Tale’ trail 2022. Jointly we are hosting a beautiful tail designed by South Auckland artist Cora-Allan Wickcliffe.  Her design reflects her Nuiean heritage, a place whales stop and rest on their migration through the Pacific.  

Whale Tales 2022 Art Trail