FitzgeraldTaylor (Boutique Stationer)

FitzgeraldTaylor boutique stationer was born from me (founder Kim Snowball) love of stationery and my commitment to preserving the art of putting pen to paper having recognised it’s importance in our lives.

We started small, in fact in the smallest retail space in Devonport, nearly twenty years ago, and have grown organically to now be in our gorgeous location looking out to the Auckland Harbour and the Auckland City skyline having become a trusted local source of quality global stationery brands in New Zealand.

Upon hearing about Whale Tales I knew immediately that Devonport needed to be involved. We are after all a harbourside village and so must do our part to aid marine conservation. But more than that I recognised the benefits to many parties. I imagine families having amazing adventures following the trail – in the great outdoors, seeing Auckland, whilst becoming informed and inspired. I am delighted for the artists and the exposure the Tales will provide them. And I know the locations where the Tales will be placed will be grateful of the extra visitors to their areas.

I am very proud to be involved. The wonderfully colourful design by Esther Cain jumped out at me from the outset – our store is full of colour. I await with great anticipation seeing the final piece and know it will bring a smile to many a face during it’s time in Devonport.



Whale Tales 2022 Art Trail