Raglan Food Co

Raglan Food Co are helping accelerate the shift to a plant-based diet for humankind with delicious food products, ever since Mr & Mrs Coconut started making coconut yoghurt for the locals in 2014! They’re now in over 600 stores nationwide, and are enjoyed overseas as well. Staff are paid fairly, ensuring they can live with dignity thanks to the Fair Wage policy they’ve put in place. Being the first Certified B Corporation and Carbon Zero certified yoghurt company in New Zealand, they care about their staff, community and environment. Raglan Food Co supports a number of environmental initiatives, charities, and were the first yoghurt brand in New Zealand to package in glass jars! Join their mission of seeing 1 million pieces of plastic cleaned up from our beautiful beaches and receive yoghurt in exchange for your efforts. Learn more about the 1 Million Pieces project and their other initiatives here: raglanfoodco.com/doing-good/.

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